The impact of poor bicycle pathways on limited cyclists

©Barry Sandland/TIMB - Handicapped cyclist negotiating bike paths in Brussels

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – The essential safety of bicycle pathways is amplified with handicapped cyclists. Too many pathways are uneven, forcing riders into the motorised traffic lanes.

“There are three wheels, three tracks, when you ride a tricycle. It is important that the bicycle pathways are level so I can keep my balance. No potholes or manhole covers to drive into.”

Photographer’s notes: This is the ascent from the Gare Centrale to the Parc Royale. A wide, red pathway, clearly marked from bottom to top. There are also potholes, manhole covers, uneven terrain, broken pavement along the route.

When I ride it, I have to leave the bicycle path and use the car lanes to get to the top. In wet weather, the ride is considerably harder.

Now I might have a better sense of awareness about how these uneven surfaces and rough road conditions impact cyclists who are not as nimble on their bikes. And this is a busy road – not the place a cyclist wants to leave his place of greater safety.

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