Being on two wheels can keep you on two feet

©Barry Sandland/TIMB - Cyclist with spasticity riding tricycle in Brussels

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – Bicycles offer essential physical therapy for many cyclists with limitations.

1/4: “I have spasticity. It means there is too much tension on my muscles and I have plastic supports on my legs to keep the them straight. It holds my leg, more or less, in a set position. Riding a bike helps a lot. The bike has almost become my legs and, thanks to the bike, I can also move independently, as it allows me to walk alone. This means, if I do not bike, then, after a while, I cannot walk any more. Now I can walk without crutches. But if I do not bike, after a few days, walking is much more difficult. In the end, I am not able to walk any more. Thanks to the bike, I can keep walking.”

Photographer’s notes: This four-part series is a cross-over to the following collection, and connects to the recent group of para-cyclists who ride with various disabilities.

I have come across a collection of para-cyclists over the summer, riding with disabled limbs, or using trike-style bikes to compensate of their less visible injuries. This Brussels-based cyclist was slightly more eye-opening, both in potential for the rider and in my preconceptions.



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