Starting with the prototype, a new Belgian folding bike goes Ahooga

©Barry Sandland/TIMB - Ahooga bike co-founder with the folding bike

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – Ahooga was at the MAD Bike exhibit with other Belgian frame builders – a sign of Belgium returning to the craft.

“You can only get this online right now, but we will open in Brussels soon. This bike was built with my partner’s bare hands. This is a Brussels bike. The prototypes are being built by us. We thought most folding bikes did not address all the problems we identified. We talked about ecology, environment, mobility and so on.  The standard bicycle does tackle that. What they do not tackle is fatigue, weather, sweat, security. So we thought we could do something here. And we have come up with an ultra-lightweight, folding, elegant, one piece folding bike. And a model with electric assistance.

Photographer’s notes: I saw this bike at MAD Bike and had to pick it up. It has larger wheels than most foldables, and the frame breaks at the rear stays, not midway on the down tube. It just looks solid and stable. .. And when you pick it up, it is light. So wonderfully light.

The developers were at MAD Bike promoting their new venture.

Ahooga is a pure Belgian bike. Designed in the country and the first prototype built in the country by one of the founders. It is about to hit the streets with the first store in Brussels, opening in October.

It is a big enough challenge to create bikes, and Ahooga is entering a highly competitive foldable bike market. But this bike is so elegant, and light, I have to hope it is a contender.


Ahooga Bikes website here…

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