Group ride sanctuary on Sunday Without Cars

©Barry Sandland/TIMB - Middle Aged Men in Lycra group ride outside a pitstop

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – Proof that I ride. This was the collective on the Sunday Without Bikes tour.

Some small proof that I ride. Sunday Without Cars and we took the chance to take a collective on a long ride through the region. And then a return to the city centre where bicycle mayhem was in full force.

Photographer’s notes: There are some who find Sunday Without Cars a little too free. To stay with the day, there was a group ride planned by one of the locals where we logged in 60 kilometres or more with interested riders. Always a mix of experienced and newbie riders.

I used to belong to a bicycle club and went on these sort of group rides all the time. Then I started moving about and the opportunities were fewer and fewer. This year, I have only been able to get out in a group twice. Once was a race mad peloton on their toughest ride of the year. Over 120 kilometres at over 35kph and a collection of the worst hills in Belgium. I got my butt kicked.

This ride was far better. If we hit 30kph, we were going down a hill. The collection had new and experienced riders, but everyone was out for a good time, not a land speed record.

Still, the ride was fun, and the two pitstops at Belgian cafés made the ride all the better. The site pictured above is one of the classic, old low-ceiling Belgian cafés filled with ancient posters, and regulars.

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