Day Without Cars see bike advocates at the fore

©Barry Sandland/TIMB - Cyclo depannage services at Sunday Without Cars

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – Cyclo road side breakdown service. One of a few free services on offer for Sunday Without Bikes

Last minute repairs on Sunday Without Cars done by the Belgian asbl, Cyclo. You can imagine, with the number of people who barely ride save for this day, how bust they were trying to keep the bikes functioning, if only for the day. 

Photographer’s notes: Is this your bike? In the basement, left in the garden, rusting, imparted. Maybe tires are under-inflated? Wheels out of true. Well, it is the predicament family space all around the world (maybe not Copenhagen). Cyclo mechanics spent the day being faced with problem after problem and managed to get most bikes serviced in minutes and back on the road. It gives you an idea about the depth of skills your bike mechanic has.

Belgium has a few cycling advocacy agencies. Cyclo is predominantly known for the hard core mechanical aspect, offering low cost repairs and machines through their asbl. Then the key agencies that are predominantly advocates are Pro Velo, Fietsersbond and GRACQ, dealing with predominantly Flemmish or French supporters. But they all seem to work together of the ultimate objective.

They were all present on the day.

Frankly, for me, having multiple voices helps. It allows different priorities to be raised and focused upon at the same time. Agencies can find common ground and then bring multiple voices to the lobbying aspect. It presents cyclists as a far wider range of voices, rather than one voice that might be dismissed as singular and limited.

And, s far as I can see, the more the voices at the table, the greater the persuasion.


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