Bikes vs Cars screening for Mobility Week

Bikes versus Cars screenings logo

Bikes versus Cars is a documentary you should try and see this Mobility Week. They have screenings all over the world, so check the web. The film covers the role and expansion of, as well as the intolerance towards, cycling around the world. If you are in Brussels, there is a screening tonight at 20:30 at the RITS café, Antoine Dansaert 70.

It was funded through Kickstarter last year and has been on my radar since it got full funding. A chance to see some of the key advocates around the world trying to create a cycling environment, as well as some of the frightening comments made by some politicians about cycling. The contribution from Toronto’s now ex-mayor is frightening in its passive hatred towards two wheels. All the more insane as Toronto is an avid cycling city.
In line of the more assertive reviews, this piece from The GuardianCars: Why it’s war between cars and drivers on city streets link here…

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