But then, about that hand-powered speed record…

©Barry Sandland/TIMB - Two recumbent bikes for para cyclists, along with the Human Powered Vehicle license plate

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – Hand-powered on the left, leg-powered on the right, sporting the Human Powered Vehicle license

“The guys that make this make those racing things, as well. The guy that owns the company, or one of the guys  with him, they have a record for land speed for hand-cycles, or something like that. But these guys are into all that craziness.”

Photographer’s notes: There were a few times when talking to the para-cyclists that conversation turned to speed, performance, personal bests and the like. I will return to it with another rider soon. But I saw one of the sleek hand-powered cyclists a few months ago. He was coming at me and I saw a low-flying blip that shot past. I had turned around to chase and have a chat, but by the time I got some speed, the para-cyclist was a distant speck on the horizon.

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