Go like the clappers with your recumbent

©Barry Sandland/TIMB - BArebones HP Velotechnik tricycle

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – Barebones and fast,a recumbent with style.

“Bikes, particular high speed ones with narrow tires, when they hit some rough road, they have to be very careful. This one, I can put one wheel on the gravel and it still goes along in more or less a straight line. It is very responsive. I just got this one. It is almost its second run out. Still taking the first rubber off the tire. I have ridden other recumbents. I have a couple others. But this feels like a go-cart. That is why it is difficult for me to judge the speed. You are so low down, you think you are going like the clappers.”

Photographer’s notes: It took a while to catch this recumbent on the bike path. It had far more speed that I expected. There were times when I wondered how too would manage the limited space available as he came upon pedestrians and cyclists in the other direction. Simple. He would ride a wheel into the grass and rip past on the side. Where there was supposed to be an ease in pace was actually a tougher section to chase.

I was given a ride and actually enjoyed it. The steering took a few seconds. The bike does not need the rider to bring balance to the equation, so the trike simply moves where it is directed. Incredibly responsive. Kind of like what people want in a sports car, the rack-and-pinion steering effect.

There will be a couple more posts about this recumbent. On the same ride, just a few minutes later, I came across two para-cyclists who were using the same trike for their transport. But that starts tomorrow.

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