When personal evolution brings us back to the trike

©Barry Sandland/TIMB - Three wheeled recumbent

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – A three-wheeled recumbent built for speed

“I am getting old, so I thought a tricycle might be good to try out. Reverting back to childhood. They are a very efficient machine. Superb. One great advantage is, you don’t put any load on your wrists at all. You can pull, if you want, but it doesn’t help you very much. It is partly because I am getting old, partly because I think a tricycle is a good away to go anyway. It gives you a bit more around you. It is the obvious way to get around, but for six months a year, here, the weather is again you. Still, if I hit a patch of ice, at least I have a chance of surviving.”

Photographer’s note: I really am not a recumbent fan. I like the ride of a standard bike. But I did try this and it was FUN. It snaps into place, smooth ride and fast. It is just about a car. This one is a stripped down version, but they are available for heavy loads – panniers and the like.

Years ago, my father had a thyroid issue that meant he lost his balance. With no balance, his bike had to be shelved. A man who had spent decades on a bike now had to sit on the sidelines and miss his fun. This would have been an ideal solution.


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