Taking advantage of your youth to explore the world

©Barry Sandland/TIMB - Touring cyclist from China resting in Brussels

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – Touring Europe before returning to China, all done on a shoestring.

“I am young, 27, and I think when young people should do something they like, if they can. I have always ridden a bike but I have never done a journey like this before. Now I have ten weeks in Europe and have been here for four weeks so far. I flew from Hangzhou, China, to Frankfurt and began the bike ride there. From Frankfurt to Berlin, then Hamburg, then Amsterdam and then here, Brussels. A good ride. More than 1,600 kilometres, so far, to here. This afternoon I will head to Paris. I would like to go to London, but I do not have a visa.”

Photographer’s notes: This is a three-part collection, the chat was so much fun. I saw him in a square in Brussels, yesterday, making his way through e-mails and the like. He was going to spend a couple of hours in Brussels and then head on to Paris.

He has been doing it on a shoestring, sleeping where he can, making his way through the region. But it was his perspective that made it all seem so easy, so effortless.




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