Being best at your second choice

©Barry Sandland/TIMB - Robyn Angeles and her time trial bike

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – Ontario women’s masters champion and podium at the national level, Robyn Angeles is one of Canada’s elite cyclists.

“I am a cyclist-pro cyclist. I guess if I wanted to be the best in any sport,  I wish it were cyclo-cross, but I am too heavy – and so I am not a good cyclo-crosser.  But I have always been good at road racing and always been good at time-trialling. So last year at the Masters National Championships, I was second in the time-trial. As long as it is pretty flat, I can go pretty fast. And in the road race, I was third. That is national. In Ontario I am provincial champion. And I qualified in Denmark for the UCI UWCT world championships in Denmark this year.”

Photographer’s notes: I stumbled across this photo as a last minute instance. I saw some people getting bikes in or out of cars and just thought I had found a collection of park’n-ride commuters who had ridden out to their cars and were packing them up for the ride home. Turns out it was the Thursday night time trial event by the Ottawa Bicycle Club. I rode into the parking lot and watched a handful of super-elite time trial bikes being prepared for the event.

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