The essential transport is not a car

©Garry Sandland/TIMB - City rider with his Norco bike

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – Winter may bring some obstacles, but city life and the bike are the best combination

“I do not own a car. I have never owned a car. It just requires a little bit of planning. I do not use the bike for inter-city travel. I would take a plane or a train. And honestly, outside of the major cities, well, there are some bike trails, but the smaller cities and towns,  the roads are not constructed to accommodate bicycles and the drivers  are not used to them because there are not many. It is actually very dangerous. I have some property in another province and I get off the train just 20 kilometres from there. I could easily ride the bike that distance but I would never get on that road. I would be killed.”

Photographer’s notes: There is a lot of truth in this. Major roads often offer little more than a sliver of pavement, identified as that space between the white line and the gravel. Too small and too invisible.


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