Testing new limits in bicycle frame design for recliners

©Barry Sandland/TIMB - Radical recliner bike wihere legs  both pedal and steer the bike

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – Recliner bike where your hands only serve rouse the brakes.

“You steer it with your feet. We just built it, so we have not had a chance to see how fast it can go. We’ve only done about 100 kilometres.”

Photographer’s notes: Another unique frame idea from Belgium. They have taken the standard recliner bike design and radically altered its method. 

It took an instant to see there was something different – it was such a short wheel base for a recliner. The riders legs were all over the front wheel, not above, nor behind, as in standard recliners. 

I spent the next while trying to figure out how it worked. It never crossed my mind that steering was done by the riders legs, I am so used to steering and power being separate functions. 

There are a few oddball bikes in Belgium – amateur frame designers tinkering with frames and materials, creating something that will become, if not high profitable. certainly something that will be unique. 

 The amusement the designers bring to the bikes is part of the fun. Challenging designs, materials, functions. It is rare that all three are challenged so radically in one bike.

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