In search of the ‘I Suffer No Fools Glady’ pose

@Michael Basham - Large format phtograph of man carrying his bicycle

@Photography by Michael Basham – Finally, a photo of me I actually like…

There are few and far between photos of me that I like. Just about all of them have been taken by my friend, Michael Basham. 

 I would never willingly sit for a professional image if it were not by him. We have known each other for decades, having met when he was the house photographer where I was the editor. 

Work with someone on a few dozen shoots and you get an idea if they can get an image, or if are they just lucky. Bash gets the image. No pretension. No dramatics. 

 I am lucky enough to like photography. I can chat and not make a complete fool of myself. I can love digital photography while he berates me for failing to understand the pending doom of a lost generation of images. We can exchange photography books, talk about projects and just enjoy the fun of cameras. 

 Along with an encyclopedic knowledge of photography at the widest spectrum, Michael has a more than decent collection of cameras – and that includes the large format monster used for this image. 

As for this image, almost an hour to assemble the tripod, install the camera, do the focal point measures, calculate the F-stops, anticipate the weather .. and then coaxing the subject into a fixed pose that has to be held for almost a second. There is no snap and shoot images with this device. 

And I got to use my “I Suffer No Fools Gladly” pose, something I developed and refined over the decades. Now that I get to see what it looks like, I might use it more often.

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