Taking those small steps to a Yellowknife bicycle culture

©TIMB - Bicycle mechanic in Yellowknife working in a geodesic bicycle dome repair shop

©TIMB – Working under the geodesic bicycle dome

“I am an auto mechanic and I can fix cars. Or not. For every car I fix, there is going to be another car on the road. There was a bumper sticker with ‘One Less Car’, and I thought, ‘If I work on bicycles, I am not fixing cars’. For every bicycle I fix, there is one less car on the road.

“That is a fairly potent way to have an impact on my immediate community.” There is a longer piece on this geodesic bike dome posting tomorrow….

“And I could also work on the bike culture. I could get more youth knowing how to fix bicycles, more people aware about bicycles. One of our younger staff here, is brother is a member of the city council who is totally in favour of bicycles, and they have got bicycle lanes that are cropping up now. And I am working on how to cultivate the bicycle culture in Yellowknife. And if I push at something for ten years, something is going to happen.”


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