Wear and tear with a Québecois classic bike

©Barry Sandland/TIMB - Man with his Marinoni bike

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – One of the most present Canadian bike frames in the Québecois built Marinoni.

About buying a Marinoni:  “My girlfriend was the one who really knew what it was. She is more passionate about bikes and knows more than me. She was able to find one second hand for a good price after looking for a long time.”

“It is in bad shape right now, that is why I am walking it. I did a long ride from Vancouver to Portland and then deflated the tires for the trip back. I have not ridden it since so I am taking it to the shop so they can fix it.”

Photographer’s notes: Anyone who has been riding in Canada for a few years knows about Marinoni bikes. He started in the 1970s in a small garage shop in a village in Quebec. I even managed to get there in the early years. I would imagine he has moved to far larger facilities since then.

The Marinoni was a bike we all wanted. It became emblematic to the Québecois riders and had small flourishes and design tweaks that made the frames all the more wanted. It was, for us, a sign of Quebec becoming active voices in cycling, creating frames, bikes and, with Garneau, the clothing that would adorn generations of cyclists.

Even today, having a Marinoni would be a treat. A piece of my own memories.


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