Chasing down the quarry, meter by meter

@Barry Sandland/TIMB - Ottawa cyclist resting at a bridge on his daily commute

@Barry Sandland/TIMB – A Canadian-made Norco bike. Buying local, supporting the national economy, is as important for some cyclists as is it for car owners.

“My mum is back on the trail. She is far more committed about cycling than I am.”

“You ditched your mum on the trail?”


Photographer’s notes: I was coming back to the house along the Ottawa River and was quite pleased that not one cyclist had come up from behind and passed me. I am guessing this rider slipped down off the main road and then saw me and went into chase mode. He came by me so fast, grinding out a far larger gear, that I did not offer a fight. I just kept riding my pace. Then, 300 meters down the road, his legs exploded and I was on the hunt again. Thinking I was, once again, top rider on the trail, yet another cyclist slipped past and the two of us were chasing down the prey. We got him about 200 meters later, his face gasping for air. .. It was wonderful.

And this is the life of the commuter hunter. For those of us who have not shed the competitive streak, for those of us who still see a wheel ahead and press just that little bit harder on the pedals, find that extra bit of speed that will bring us up to and past the prey. Success…

And, of course, I taunted him about ditching his mother on the trail, leaving her to do their 25 km alone. Again, that competitive streak. … I would have done the same.

As a PS…. Check out the trail. This is, basically, a 20km stretch along the Ottawa River. In the woods, cars are a distant worry, and the surface is in brilliant condition. There are occasional areas where speed has be reduced, but this is a beautiful commute path.

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