Another mighty, but small, package

@Barry Sandland/TIMB - Small bike in Ottawa

@Barry Sandland/TIMB – Look closely – this is a small bike, but the proportions are perfect.

“The bike is tiny. You don’t see it right away, but it is tiny. This is a 42cm frame with 650 wheels, but it is a good bike. I bought it from a guy in LA. They don’t make bikes that small in Canada unless I want something custom made. I have a fixie but with a brake. I do not want to die. In the winter, it gives me comfort to know it is there. And I am on the bike through the winter. I can ride to work in 15 minutes or walk there in 30. I am going to be cold either way.”

Photographer’s notes: I actually thought this was a standard road bike with a small frame, the proportions  are so clean. But it is even smaller. It hosts 650c wheels instead of the standard 700c road wheels. But it simply adds to the clean proportions.

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