Rugged performance over speed

@Barry Sandland/TIMB - BMX with rider in Newfoundland

@Barry Sandland/TIMB – One sure sign of a growth in cycling in St John’s is the increase in bike shops

“The BMX bike is something I have always been interested in. I like that you can take it to the skate park and throw it across the ground and not worry that anything is broken.” Continue reading

If you want to climb hills better, then climb a lot of hills

@Barry Sandland/TIMB - To triathlete cyclists in Newfoundland

@Barry Sandland/TIMB – Early season miles start later in Newfoundland

“This hill here is a good four kilometres. But it is part of our regular training rides, so we know where the steep parts are and where we can rest. A few times we been to the top and then came back down and did it again. We live at the top of the hill so we have to go this way. No choice.” Continue reading

This would be cross-training in Newfoundland

@Barry Sandland/TIMB - Cyclist on the road in Newfoundland

@Barry Sandland/TIMB – Changing from sport to sport as the weather moves along

“I was canoeing this morning. Then it looked calm so I came out for a ride. We all know the hardest part of riding here is the weather. When there is rain, drizzle or fog, no one wants to ride in that. When I am done with the bike ride, I will get out on my motorbike. I love being in the outdoors.” Continue reading

Yellowknife and the geodesic dome bike shop

©TIMB - Yellowknife geodesic dome bike shop

©TIMB – Yellowknife and the geodesic bike shop is central to a recycling ideology that drives the company.

“My neighbour went to jail and left a large pile of left over bicycles. Because he was not able to repair his own bike so he just kept getting more and more bike parts. So when he went to prison, there was a large pile of bicycle parts in his yard. And the new tenant took all the parts and put them on the street. They were going to go to another bike shp and I said, ‘He already has 500 bicycles. And if you take that wheel and put it there and those handlebars and out them here, there is a bicycle.  And out that there and there is a bicycle’. And we carved out half a dozen bicycles. And people said, ‘Oh, you fix bicycles do you? Here, I’ve got some. Oh, you want some donations?’.

At night, people were doing drive-by drop-offs, anonymously.  Before we knew it, the whole yard was filled with bicycles. Literally. And that was the first summer we really got going and then we came up with the idea of making a dome out of bicycle wheels. We did a prototype and it worked.” Read more about the creation of Yellowknife’s Old Town Bike Shop…

Continue reading

Taking those small steps to a Yellowknife bicycle culture

©TIMB - Bicycle mechanic in Yellowknife working in a geodesic bicycle dome repair shop

©TIMB – Working under the geodesic bicycle dome

“I am an auto mechanic and I can fix cars. Or not. For every car I fix, there is going to be another car on the road. There was a bumper sticker with ‘One Less Car’, and I thought, ‘If I work on bicycles, I am not fixing cars’. For every bicycle I fix, there is one less car on the road.

“That is a fairly potent way to have an impact on my immediate community.” There is a longer piece on this geodesic bike dome posting tomorrow…. Continue reading

Making bucket list plans for Canada’s ice roads

©TIMB - Rider considering ice road adventures in the Northwest Territories

©TIMB – It was a cool spring day when we discussed the best of winter cycling in northern Canada. Note the life vest … necessary when you paddle to work from your houseboat before the final bike ride.


“The best thing about winter riding is summertime. No, the best is riding on the lake. In winter there is an ice road. But when the ice is too thin for cars, even where there is no road, you can take a bike. It is thick, but hard for cars to get on.

So the entire lake is mine and it is on my bucket list to bike to Hay River. It is 400k on the road. It won’t be so far if you go straight across. Where cars cannot go – that is the best part of winter cycling.” Continue reading

An excitement about cycling that started early and crossed into all her life

©TIMB - Rider with her Raleigh bike in Yellowknife, Northwest Territiroes, Canada

©TIMB – Yellowknife cycling community may be small, but it is committed.

“I ride all year round. I love riding my bike. I grew up in a small town in southern alberta and riding to school all year round from kindergarten. I have just rode my whole life. I moved here eight years ago and it is great during the winter and there is always a place to park at the bike rack in the winter.

“There are about 20 people here who ride all year round. The main thing is having warm gloves. For me the biggest challenge is  keeping my glasses from fogging. You have your face covered and the vapour from your breath goes up onto your glasses and then it freezes. If you can keep that under control.

“Oh, here is Michelle. You should interview her. She lives on a houseboat so she would have paddled and then rode up.” Continue reading