A family converted by the weekend


©Barry Sandland/TIMB - Family cycling in Ottawa

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – Newbies to the cycling environment

“To be honest, we are new to cycling. We came from Sudbury to Ottawa and there is no infrastrucure like Ottawa’s. We never thought about moving to this area, but when we came out to see the house, the parkway was filled with cyclists and runners and inline skaters. We knew we wanted to be part of that. It was a big selling feature.”

Photographer’s notes: There are some key differences between European and North America cycling, the biggest, for me, being the day to day nature of the Europeans versus the event cycling in North America. Europeans are simply on bikes. They wear the same clothes as they do at work and simply ride bikes. North American cycling can involve a lot more spandex and lycra, creating an event, an outing. .. Actually, this family looks a bit more on the European side of the spectrum. Just get on the bike.

Spandex or not, the numbers of people cycling here in Ottawa and the surrounding area is stunning. The bike paths are filled on the weekends, any range of cyclists out and about.

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