Making time for your bike, even on Mother’s Day

©Barry Sandland/TIMB - Riding your bike to a Mother's Day celebration

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – Sometimes the bike simply has to be worked into the family schedule.

“Twenty years ago, before the kids, I rode through Belgium, France and Holland. It was beautiful. Now I try and make the bike rides fit into family life. When we go to the cottage, I take the bike and ride the last couple of hours. Today, we are having a family brunch for Mother’s Day and I said I would go by bike. I brought along spare clothes. They asked me to.”

Photographer’s notes: Another image that simply has to post close to Mother’s Day. I almost feel bad about the edit for the posting. We talked about how her loved for cycling had slipped her kin, they having taken to bikes for cross-fit training and not just for the pleasure of being on two wheels. The distance rides are a part of the past, for now, but she does manage to get daily commuter rides through the Gatineau Park. But we shared a series of loud laughs at the idea of how to ride and combine pressures. And the idea the kids asked her to bring clean, dry clothes so she could change for the brunch – gales of laughter.


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