All cyclists have secret go-cart racers in them

©Barry Sandland/TIMB - Go cart at the top of the race hill

©Barrh Sandland/TIMB – As a small detour, I am featuring go-carts after participating in an event over the weekend. Cycling, the basics of rolling down a hill and enjoying the coast, is closely connected to go-cart racing, and so that is justification for this detour.

I think cyclists and go-cart enthusiasm are closely related. Anyone who has built their first go-cart has likely scrapped their spare parts, amputated frames, dismantled functioning designs in the hope of creating some Frankenstein-like cart. 

Over the weekend, I loaned my hardcore street wheels to a wooden contraption that would make the trike design considerably faster than the wooden, screws and nail design had intended.

The two boys were tipped into the frame, told to hold tight and, with severe warnings from two mothers who insisted their children come back unscathed, I pushed them off the start and into their super-fast descent.

First run down the hill, and the two were in the top 12 finishers, one of the youngest teams to get into the finals.



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