Any excuse, some people will ride for a bit of bio food

©Barry Sandland/TIMB - Actor on his bike along a Belgiam canal

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – For some, being fit is not a decision, but simply part of everyday life.

“I went to the bio market in Brussels. I come 22 kilometres from home to buy good avocados and bananas. It is a reason for me to go cycling, in a way. I love to be on my bike and I try to ride between 8,000 and 10,000 kilometres every year, so I need to get out. The bio market is just a goal. I bought this bike last year. My other bike was the same style but was stolen. But then I found it again. two months later. So now I have two nearly identical bikes, and it is great. I wake up and think, ‘Which will I take today’.”


Photographer’s notes: I love that this guy rolls out of his home and covers 22 kilometres to get some food. No issue, no outing, no expedition. Just his bike and a bag to carry the goods. Once a week or so, as the food levels descend.

The ride helps in his pursuit. For the past two years he has been covering 10,000 ams per year. Previous years were over 8,000, so he is trying to keep to the higher standard.

We were chatting about bike rides, covering a few kilometres side by side, having a chat about bikes, friends, family, motivation, and the intention to do a  few decent rides through the course of the summer. By the time we peeled apart, we had exchanged e-mails and will likely find a route in common so we can both get in some miles.

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