Preparing legs for the first triathlon

©Barry Sandland/TIMB - Triathlete and his Specialized bike in Halle

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – Early season miles as a rider prepares for his first triathlon.

“This is my first ride of the season – 15 kilometres so far today. It will be 45k in total. I bought the bike for triathlons, but I am a beginner. I do my first triathlon in Venice in September. This is my level of bike. I do not think you gain much time with a 10,000 Euro bike.” 

Photographer’s notes: There was a time when I thought triathlons were less competitive than pure racing. We used to torture them as they trained. They were always riding hard, but not really working on their speed. We could tuck in behind them, let them struggle into the wind for a couple of kilometres, and then we would jump them and leave them in the distant dust.

Over the years, they have advanced and become more aware of the disciplines for speed that come with each event. Speed work, intervals, pack riding, team time trial techniques all became part of the training, rather than simply long, constant speed rides. Nothing makes you faster over a distance than being faster over a shorter one. Not so easy to torture experienced triathletes any more. … Makes me sad.


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