Heavy duty wheels for some heavy duty rides

©Barry Sandland/TIMB - Heavy duty touring bike with rider

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – A sturdy bike for the rides that weigh a little more

“Some years ago we did some serious cycling and so we had to ride in winter, too. And you need a montain bike apparently. Not that you need a mountain bike, but they put that between your ears so you believe it. So I put it together and three of us went biking in the winter. It went fine the first winter. In the second winter I thought, ‘What hell am I in?'” By the third winter, I was more often in the scenery than on the bike because I fell so many times. Technically I am really lousy. But I t is quite heavy and very sturdy and so it can take lots of weight. Now every week, when I can, I go to two local bio farms around Brussels and I get meat and a lot of vegetables and I do that with this sturdy bike.”

Photographer’s notes: I have been looking at some of these heavy duty bikes and wondering about the load they can take. The larger, and then super-sized wheels, the slower pace but the completely rigid ride. Distance riders are familiar worth them. The structure is demanded for the sort of loads they carry. Crazy speed is gone, but get  a decent part of legs in them, set a good cadence, and riders can put in quite a few kilometres each and every day.

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