If you are looking for three wheels, comfort, a photo booth and a night of karaoke, then look at this rickshaw

©Barry Sandland/TIMB - Rickshaw with family on the canal in Belgium

Barry Sandland/TIMB – Could this rickshaw be the perfect bike for a growing family?

“This is an Indonesian rickshaw. We found it here on the internet. And I am pregnant and so I am being taken about since I cannot walk that much. In general we use the bike to get and transport a lot of our stuff. We’ve had it for five years now. Plus, we do these activities with the rickshaw. We have a rickshaw karaoke that we do mostly on summer evenings. We can mount a small screen, an amp in the back, and people can sing. We’ve been doing that for four years. It is a spontaneous thing, not something very organised, but I adore karaoke.” 

 Photographer’s notes: I saw this rickshaw on the canal, part of the often repeated routes I have. The passenger is pregnant, being taken out for a spin in the brisk weather of the morning. 

Super-wide, almost untippable, it reminded me of my search for something akin when my dad was ill. He was an avid cyclist who had to sit on the sidelines in his last few years. Something like this would have brought him slightly closer to his cycling passion, even if only for short outings. 

This version has all the earmarks of a well-used street vehicle. There are steel rebars welded to the diagonal of the frame, trying to remove some of the flex the bike brought with it. And the bottom bracket was welded again, as the entire lug section had broken. In short, this is no new vehicle – this has authentic, street-proven,  wear and tear. 

 I will have to follow their website and watch for when they are out and about with a karaoke rickshaw. Not that I would ever be caught singing, I will be only too happy to immortalise the people with less sense of embarrassment. 

Links: You can see more about their rickshaw initiative at their website…  From karaoke to photo booth. 

rickshaw business card

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