Some days, everyone is a critic

©Barry Sandland/TIMB - Cyclist on the road in Brussels

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – When on the road, there are always drivers to school you.

“Before I did not have a vest and often there would be some motorist at the traffic lights crying, ‘Oh Mademoiselle! Your headlight, nyah, nyah, nyah.’ Slowly by slowly I got the necessary stuff and I had a headlight, but it broke all the time. Then, the other time, I was at the lights, just ahead, and I was there with my vest, and the stuff, and still there was a motorist making his commentaries. And then, after I passed, he was screaming, ‘Your headlight!!!'”

Photographer’s notes: I swear, I only asked if I could have a chat and a photo and this venting happened. We have all had it. Something that works its way under your skin and bothers you for days. The cycling pet peeves list. And one peeve has to be drivers who insist on schooling riders, as if they are the sole arbiters of  what is and is not correct on the roads.

Oh, we could all be better dressed, have more lights, have better lights, have brighter lights. But sometimes, on the road with fenders and reflectors and lights and helmet – and still there is a comment. … And then, drivers could be a little more courteous, as well.


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