Take a look at some bike DIY repairs

©Barry Sandland/TIMB - DIY bike on the road in Belgium

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – A mishmash of parts and bits and pieces in order to keep a bike on the road – if slowly.

“You can see the bike has had a little breakdown DIY.”

This happens a few times. I ride up and have a chat with someone, introduce myself, but cannot get permission for am, photo. Then we chat a bit more and .. permission.

Take a good look at this. The miniature from wheel that allows it to roll, but is far too small for the brakes to fit. But he has the rear brake and is far from racing madly across the cityscape. Regardless, the bike rolls along.

There is a cane strapped to the crossbar, an essential aid when walking. But when he is on the bike, he looks like the rest of us. Not so much the bike…

One of the oddities about doing this blog is stumbling across the bike again. If the rider cannot give me time for the shot, I never see them again. If I get a photo, I will see the cyclist two or three more times that week. Not always. Not a law. But it happens enough to make me smile.



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