Off they go, two by two

©Barry Sandland/TIMB - Classic and pure vintage single speed rides again in Brussels

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – School children getting city basics on their bikes.

Bicycle lessons are essential to developing an informed and safe cycling population. The schools here in the centre of Brussels take school children out on small sorties where they learn the basics.

Cioty riding is often considered the mnost dangerous. Many cars, often drivers who are more converend with their advance than the safety of two wheeled persons, showing children how to cope is essential.

In this escape, when they come to lights and intersections where they stop, the leader raised a hand and called out “A deux” and the kids rolled up to the stop forming two distinct lines. Their length is shortened and they get a faster start, helping both their riding as well as making it easier for any cars that are behind.

This class is run by Pro Velo, one of the cycling advocacy groups in the country.Being a bilingual; (trilingual?) country, advocacy groups function for French and Flemmish riders as separate, but collaborating, groups.


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