The steady advance of the business cargo bike

©Barry Sandland/TIMB - Bullit cargo bike used as mushroom transporter

©Barry Sandlnd/TIMB – Cargo bikes are becoming an essential part of responsible businesses.

“In fact, this is my second day. I stay in third gear all the time. It is a little hard right now, but it will be better after a week.”

Photographer’s notes: The increasing presence of cargo bikes in the city is easier and easier to see. More businesses embrace this ease-of-use delivery. No pollution, quiet and certainly eye-catching. This company uses the cargo bike throughout the city – everything up to about one and a half hours riding. They load up with about 50 to 60kgs of produce and then head onto the roads.

It is no secret that I adore the Bullit bike. On a trip to Copenhagen, a few years ago, I saw one as a bright red streak shooting across the city. I have wanted one ever since. Then I managed to ride one (also red) when I went to Copenhagen a couple of years ago. Literally the store next to Harry vs Dave shop – they had one in front of their store and, since the Bullit shop was closed, they offered their’s as a test vehicle. .That has to tell you something about the pride Bullit owners have for their bikes.

It took about 100m to get used to the wheel in the distance, and then I was in love. I resented having to return it to the owner.

Personally, I would start adjusting it the day I get one, if I get one. I want the handlebars to reach further away, a pair of bull horns to give me extra space to add some force to the effort. Ultimately, I see it as a fast bike – the cargo aspect is actually secondary. Transporting children is not in my thinking. It may not be the best approach to selecting a cargo bike, but speed is always the primary concern in my world.


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