How I learned to dress for the bike

©Barry Sandland/TIMB - How to get dressed for cycling

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – Even the cycling core struggle with getting the basics right.

“I started riding to work when my job changed and my friend asked me to ride to work with him. The first day, I was dressed up like I was going running in the woods. After a week or two, I became like the rest of us.”

Photographer’s notes:  This shot was taken at the same Fietsersbond Applause Day event with Julie Degraeve., the local organiser for the cycling advocacy group.

I think we all have these stories. Like how we discovered how the gears work on a bike, the right way to climb a hill, how to drink from a water bottle. Something so seemingly basic, but we have these ideas ahead of time. Like riding to work requires spandex, lycra, clip-on shoes and a banana for the dreaded bonk.

In fact, riding for so many of use is just about getting from point A to point B. For most of us, that means the bike is something we use for the trip, not something that requires a new wardrobe.


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