Sometimes it is the end of a bike trip that poses the problem

©Bary Sandland/TIMB - Biking family at their designation

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – A small space collective on their way to a library

“It is not their safety on the road that is the biggest problem. Often you get somewhere and there is no place to lock your bikes.”

Photographer’s notes: This has to be a bane for many cyclists. We hit an immediate accord. On most weekends, I can head to almost any quarter and struggle to find a proper bike space. If no proper space, then give me a telephone pole. If no pole, then give me a fence. If a city wants to encourage cycling, then there has to be some proper bike bays.

As an aside, this was, is, one of my pet peeves about Place Jeu des Balles, a local cobblestoned market area. The city council was determined to create a parking bay to give more space for cars (that decision has been overturned). Meanwhile, the area is in desperate need of spaces to lock bikes and encourage fewer cars into the area.

After all, if you want to alleviate motorised traffic, make the area bike friendly. Often it is not about making more space for cars, but more access for bikes. It is not that complicated.

As an aside, this library is in the downtown core of Brussels. Cars, buses and the like are everywhere. But there are bike paths on most roads and, for this family, when the traffic is a bit much, they slip onto the sidewalk and stay safe. A nice demonstration that every part of the city can be accessible to all cyclists.


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