Discovering the musical vibrations at the core

©Barry Sandland/TIMB - Musician on bike with a travel cello

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – Look carefully. That is a cello sticking out of the panniers.

“I have been playing the cello for ten years now. This is a travel cello with just the neck and the chords. I like to explore sound and the voyage of sound. It is about vibration and the energy at the core. The music is improvised and develops by the contact with the person.”

Photographer’s notes:  I always like looking at what people carry on their bikes. I check panniers and saddlebags and plastic sacks on handlebars. I guess that is nosy, but I cannot help myself. It was the travel cello sticking from the bright red panniers that forced the photo to happen. I thought it was a violin. This was the first musician I have stopped. Well, the first musician who was flying the flag on their bike.

You know you are riding vintage when the manufacturer of your bike is out of business. This Mondia likely dates back to the seventies, but the Swiss frame has an excellent reputation for quality and design.


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