An e-bike can put legs back into your life

©Barry Sandland/TIMB - Cube e-bike at the top of a hill

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – Another hill, another e-bike to conquer.

“I have had this e-bike for six months. In fact, I find this faster and yet you stay sportif because you have to make an effort. I like the regular bike as well, but this is faster.” (Second entry tomorrow…)

Photographer’s notes: I was riding to a meeting when, crossing an intersection and getting caught in the wrong gear, this electric bike came past me and headed up the hill. Not that I am that competitive (you know I am), but I liked making ground on an e-bike, heading up the hill and seeing my cadence would have him soon. It was nice to come off the line and slip past him. I like proving a regular bike, powered by thighs, can still take an e-bike. Even if I feel like replacing my lungs at the hill crest.

It was not easy, but I had the top first, him riding alongside a few seconds behind.

He joked, “Where did you hide your battery? In your bag?”

After that introduction, having a talk about bikes and riding, and adding another photo to the blog, came easily.




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