Ritchey and Rossman let loose in Belgium

©Barry Sandland/TIMB - Two American riders in Brussels

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – Ritchey on the left, Rossman on the right. Not the riders… their bikes.

“I work in the UK and we are here for the weekend having a little ride around.  We just started. We just left the train station. We have ridden around Belgium before. The Tour of Flanders route and the Paris-Roubaix route. Today we ride to Louvain and a 25 mile route around Louvain.

Photographer’s notes: I rarely get a chance to photograph hard-core riders. In part because they tend to be determined speedsters and are impossible to catch. These two were caught at a red light and so I pounced.

Two Americans displaced from their homestead in favour of European roads, they are well prepared for their excursion. On the left is a Ritchey Breakaway collapsible road frame. The rear stays come off at the down tube – top and bottom – and it can all be packaged into a suitcase. Now that is cool.

On the right is a Rossman frame, built by Hahn Rossman, a frame builder in Portland.

“A guy on my team actually makes them. Hahn Rossman. He made a couple of cyclo-cross bikes. This is one of three, maybe.”

I went looking for the Rossman frames on the internet. Tough to find. His bigger metalworks obsession is here… His bikes features more (though occasionally) on his Instagram account here…

As for the better known Ritchey frames, get a better sense of the travel frame here…

Sponsored riders are a fortunate collection. Especially if it comes with a decent rider’s kit like this one from 333fab Cyclocross Factory Team website here…

As for the riders, they have been criss-crossing a few Belgian roads, competing in cyclo-crosses in the UK. There is some photographic proof with their Instagram accounts….

Rossman rider is here…

Ritchey is here…


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