30 Days of Biking – 2015 version

30 Days in April bike rideMake the pledge and be part of a free bike initiative in the USA where kids can receive a bike and kick off their two-wheeled life. For ever 30 pledges, one free bike. Anyone in the world can sign up and help. Click the image for the 30 Day website. Or pledge link here…

I saw this opportunity last year and was intrigued. This year, I am convinced and putting my name on the list to ride my bike every day throughout April. Heck, I am going to do it anyway.

The 2015 program was launched on March 1. When I signed I was 1,395. My part of 46.5 bikes at that point. They are looking for 15,000 signatures this year. More than double the 2014 tally.

There blog page is going to be interesting. I pilfered the FAQ entry for this posting.


Some FAQs

Posted Thursday, February 19th

Before the pledge opens on March 1, let’s tackle a few frequently asked questions.

1. Does spin class count?

Absolutely. We’d prefer you be outside, adventuring, but that exer_bike works in a pinch. Especially if you’re traveling.

2. Why April?

We chose April because, at least here in our home state of Minnesota, USA, April is the confluence of many seasons. We could get a blizzard, rain, sunshine, anything! It’s the perfect medium between the harshest of winter and the pleasant_est of summer.

3. I already bike every day. Why should I sign up?

Because we’re doing this together! Sharing our stories and posting photos and supporting each other. Some people see 30 Days of Biking as a reason to bike even farther every day than normal, just because it’s a group effort. Encourage people who aren’t as experienced as you are. Pass the love on.

4. What if I miss a day? Should I stop?

Nope. Keep riding.

5. Do you want me to stop biking once 30 Days of Biking ends?

Nope. Keep the streak alive.


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