The first media interest in This Is My Bike

media feature about This Is My BikeI was out and about recently, riding up to cyclists and asking for their permission for a portrait. Late in the morning, I stumbled across Sara De Sloover of Brussel Nieuws website. It quickly became a reversed interview, with me being the subject instead of her.

The resulting article was published on March 1 – they held it back for an end of week posting so it would last longer in the queue. The result was exceptional. And, one day afterwards, I can still find it on their front page.

You can read the original article, in Flemish, here….

When it was posted, I was out and about and was fortunate to find an internet connection. The stats were booming and it was a quick search to see if the article had been posted.

In a couple of hours, the site had reached record levels for a day. By midnight, the site had almost as much traffic in 14 hours as is usually found in a month.

Keep in mind this is a new website and the numbers are going to be low. I saw a decent analysis of new blogs and the prediction was that they rarely would see better than 30- to 50 page views per day. This Is My bike has done better than pst, often just below 100 page views, often above, in a day.

So, when the site scored over 1,000 page views in a day, it was little more than a lesson in the impact of media websites.

The impact spread wider, the related Facebook page having increased by 100 people in 24 hours. The media also brought attention from other cycling websites who have been kind enough to add to the circle of attention.

The story has remained on the front page of Brusselnieuws, bringing a second day of high levels. This has been helped with a valuable tweet in Norway (of all places) by a friend with a powerful account. And then the Brussels trending website,, presented the same story as trending in social media….. Success breeds support.

I will be watching the website over the coming week and month to see the lasting impact of the article. I am a conservative person and would be thrilled to see the 1,000 immediate response drift back to where I have over 100 page views each and every day. That may seem drastic, but there is a difference between the immediate response and the lasting return.

Regardless, I am so very happy with the BrusselNieuws article and the impact received. The numbers are there. Now it is a matter of how good the website is, and if people are interested in continuing their visit to the site.


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