Busy, busy, bikes feeding their customers

©Barry Sandland/TIMB - Bike messenger in wet weather

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – Wet weather and bike messengers… always there for you.

“I am on a job right now, but if you come with me, you can take my photo.”

Photographer’s notes: I swear, I do not do this intentionally. In recent weeks, I have been able to photograph three of the Take Eat Easy food messengers. They have these cool bikes, or just are on the road when everybody else is sheltering from the Belgian rain. Nobody is slipping me a month’s supply of spring rolls delivered to my door.

Another fixed gear bike – this one with a brake (I have to consider these affectations essential for descents).

Most times, I can identify the bike. Afterall, there is usually a clear brand name across the frame. But this vintage road frame has been stripped of identification. It remains a vintage model, the curved front forks tells something of its age. Large flange hubs might be from another bike. After all, large flange, rigid wheels are a track orientation.

It is nice to see vintage bikes finding a new life as fixes and single-speed bikes. They become lighter, join the trendy lifestyle choice of modern city cycling.

And if there is a collection of riders that have brought fixes to the forefront, and are responsible for the everyday presence, it is the messenger core.

As for this post..

You can see more about Take Eat Easy on their website here…

As for the presence of Take Eat Easy riders, you can see the other two with these links.

Touched by the Colour here…

Generations May Pass But the Quality Remains here…


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