Finding a lifestyle solution with a bike

©Barry Sandland/TIMB - Mother, with bicycle, considers what motivations brought her lifestyle change

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – It is always interesting to discuss what brings about a lifestyle change.

“I have a kid now and I want to take her to kindergarten by bike. We have too many cars in Brussels and it is crazy. But it is changed by us, little by little. It is a short daily trip. The trip to kindergarten is maybe seven minutes. It is a lot further when I use the car. It takes me 25 minutes to get to the European Parliament by bike. By public transport, with the transfers, it takes an hour. I am a photographer and when I have assignments in different parts of the city, I guess I will just ride there. This is the solution.”

Essential additions:  When I posted the first picture yesterday, the subject wrote back to tell me she had crashed her bike and broken her wrist. It was a combination of wet weather, a bus too close and tram tracks to negotiate. The combination brought the fall and injury.

“So I need to be a little bit more confident before I get my daughter on board with me. I feel sometimes like it is a war on the streets in Brussels. It is a mixed feeling, but I like [riding] and feel like it is a necessity to ride a bike now.

Photographer’s Notes: It should be said, I have had two posts in three days with people who have had accidents on their bikes. Absolutely not intentional. Well, the first I knew as I posted. The second was told to me after the piece was posted. But funny how coincidences happen. For all the coming images, I hope it does not run in threes.


One thought on “Finding a lifestyle solution with a bike

  1. We went on a family vacation to Belgium last year and loved it. Rode bikes as our main transportation. That just doesn’t happen in the United States. I have a couple crazy stories of traveling to Europe with our kids. Thanks for the post!


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