A classic ride for the latest, fixie, trend

©Barry Sandland/TIMB - Single speed bike

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – Super light single-speed bike on a track frame converted for road riding. Fixies are the latest trend and this come close. A longer blog entry to read….

“I think that I fell for the current trends . I got it a few years ago and it was the first new bike I bought in many, many years and I wanted a good beautiful bike for myself. I like the classic look of it.

“It is from Brick Lane Bikes in London. I fell for the look of it and the simplicity of no gears. Just a chain and wheels.

“I have brakes. I tried a fixed bike but I felt a bit scared. But I like coasting. I don’t need to go so fast. Sometime I just like to roll. But I am tempted to try a fixed gear and see the difference and also the different control and awareness.”

Photographer’s notes: There is no brand name here for the frame, but this is an old track frame converted for the road. You can see this with the straight exit stays for the the rear wheel. That is a track design. I have been looking at fixies for a while. I rode them on the track a very few times, have had friends who did early season miles on a fixed gear. Early season fixed gear miles were a staple in road training at one time as riders sought fitness quickly.

The UK had a series of early season time trials where gears were limited, often to sub-80 inch – and they still clipped along in sub-hour 25 mile (40k) time trials. But using one as an everyday bike has evaded me. I think that is just a matter of time. After all, I have a spare frame at the house and a lack of components. A fixed gear would be an easy addition to my stable…. And next visit to London will include a ride to Brick Lane Bikes.


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And one cool video
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