Simple lessons learned to develop cycling

International Winter Bike to Work Day

©Barry Sandland/TIMB - Bike to Work Day

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – On Bike to Work Day, at the European Parliament district. There is a long blog entry here…

“I did not know it was International Bike To Work Day… I come from Copenhagen and I am used to biking every day. I was here in Brussels 20 years ago and it has improved a lot.

“I have been here for six months now and I am going to live here for three years. In the winter I ride a bit slower, especially here in Brussels. Here you have bike lanes, signs on streets, but in Copenhagen you have sort of an extra pavement and cars cannot drive on it. But here they drive on bike lanes. They open car doors here. and do not signal when turning right. So you have to take care.
“Thirty years ago, Copenhagen was probably the same as Brussels, but the mayor of Copenhagen and politicians from the parties have made the commitment. To go from point to point, you have a very indirect route. The city is designed to frustrate cars. It is deliberate to make it difficult for people to go shopping or to drop off a child by car. It can take half an hour to go two kilometres. If you are living in the city it is very nice. If you live outside, it can be frustrating, but people find their way. I think it is a good strategy.”
Photographer’s notes: There was no shortage of cyclists on the roads today. But that is every day. This shot was in front of the European Parliament, the artwork a piece of the Berlin wall, placed at the European Parliament in November 2014. It is nice to have a piece of Berlin’s history at this location.

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