Bird spotters on the lookout

©Birder family on wheels

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – Winter may make it easier to see nests in the trees, but the recent cold snap has created another reason to make it hard to find birds.

“We are looking for storks. There are a lot of them there, but I think it is too cold.”

Photographer’s notes: It would be almost impossible to pull over a car on a drive down the canal, unload a trio of children and then spend minutes looking into the riverside trees, with the hope of seeing storks. But that is part of the small pleasures of riding a bike.

The same access is one of the reasons bike lanes actually bring more income to businesses along the paths. While drivers shoot past, regretting having missed the store they just saw, hoping to visit the next time they are in the neighbourhood, cyclists just stop and go in. It is why bike paths have been linked to economic growth for businesses on the route.


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