No matter your size, a good bike changes everything

©Barry Sandland/TIMB - Bike for a child

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – A bike for children, then customised with panniers, good bike lock, and small adjustments. Part 2 tomorrow.

“We rode 4 km today. Almost every day we are out. To school and back. I carry stuff in the panniers. My judo clothes, trousers.”

Two part feature – continues tomorrow

Photographer’s notes: If you follow this collection, you will see a theme about photographing children. They know you want a photo, and they know it is their role to frustrate the effort.

The bike is a Velotraum. Relatively light, nice design and about 500 Euros for the frame and forks alone. Unfortunately, it has been discontinued by the firm. Finding good bikes for smaller children is not easy. A decent design, construction and equipment costs money. But children grow out of frames, making the purchase an investment. It is easy to imagine a parent being wary of a full-bike price when it will last a few years  before it is outgrown. And then, what if the kid loses interest? And yet, a good bike changes everything for a rider, be they children or adults.



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