Hailstorm rider

©Barry Sandland/TIMB - Fixed gear Motobecane bike messenger

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – Caught in the hailstorm, this Motobecane looks ready for the cyclocross circuit. And the single gear makes it all the nicer to look at.

Caught in the hailstorm yesterday: “It is totally ridiculous. I was riding all day and I was kind of OK, and then I thought, ‘My day is done and I am going home’ – and bam!”

Photographer’s notes: Brussels had a fast and hard hailstorm yesterday driving most riders to seek shelter in doorways and overhangs. Back on the road, riders were few and far between. Everyone was wet, everyone was trying to get the daily ride done. But if someone is on the road, it is the bike messenger.

Not a great photo. Taken about 17:30 as we came across each other at a local supermarket getting evening supplies. Even at this time of year, the skies are usually brighter, but the storm clouds had swept the horizon and everything was just so dark. I was just glad to find someone who could document the day and the weather.


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