Always bring a bike to a Climate March


I was likely always going to attend the Climate March for Belgium. Then I was late for the semi-march on November 29. But the remake in Ostende was met with greater resolve. I was attending. But there was a moment when it became an absolute requirement.

Small teams were building up to attendance. Climate change is real and has to be dealt w effectively by world Governments. That Belgium could not suck it up to find a decent voice, save at the last moment, was a disappointment. I was more determined to go.

Regardless, the final absolute was the Climate March in Paris. The thuggery demonstrated by the police forces was so brutal, so unnecessary, so far removed from protecting the population, the meal requirement to be in Ostende was absolute. To not go would be to give some sort of tacit permission, a frustrated acceptance of unacceptable behaviour, in how Climate Marches, civil protest, not even disobedience, has been handled by authorities.

Paris has not been the only foul in this annual police debacle. In Brussels, they took advantage of the terrorist threat to “protest” its citizens by banning the march  whilst simultaneously allowing the Christmas Market to open.

And police across the board have been operating on a no-tolerance standing when dealing with any and all protesting government inaction on climate change.


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