Right on red for cyclists will help drivers and likely ease the number of cyclist deaths


If you follow social media, there is much furore about cyclists being allowed to roll through red lights. It sounds insane and, frankly, the slogan makes me cringe. I mean, imagine cyclists being able to basically ignore red lights and ride straight through. Of course, there is not a city in the world that is advocating cyclists roll through red lights unfettered. It would be madness. 

Paris is quoted as the latest city to allow cyclists free movement through reds. And cycling organisations are tweeting their demands for “roll through red” policies. I wish they would stop… I wish they would use a slogan that does not make car drivers, or responsible cyclists, cringe.

Cycling organisations are advocating that cyclists be able to turn right (or left, if in the UK) on red. Right On Red. That cyclists could approach an intersection and give right of way to all vehicles and foot traffic on the green light. Once there is freedom to advance, they could turn on the red light.

This would be a great boon for any and all traffic on the road, if done responsibly by the cyclists.

Now cars, instead of being stuck behind slow-to-start cyclists who only turn off the lane immediately, these right turn cyclists will be distant memories, disappearing down the road. If the car is also turning, then these cyclists will be at full speed, further down the road and far easier to approach and pass … but, more likely, they will have disappeared up the road and you will not be seeing them again as you are stuck in a motorised traffic jam.

Right on Red will ease intersection

The add-on to the right on red policy is at t-junctions where cyclists have no approaching cross road on their side. In these limited instances, they will be allowed to cede right of way to the green light, but then be able to go straight ahead when safe.



Here is the issue… There is no shortage of YouTube videos showing cyclists racing through red lights, either turning or going straight. They race through pedestrian crossingsand the like. But I will still maintain these are the minority – and they are despised


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