If you want to ride more, find a club

©Barry Sandland/TIMB - Club rider from Big Bracket Brussels out for a ride

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – Early afternoon, just after the snow has melted and there was a club rider taking advantage of the weather change to get in a few kilometres.

“I have had my exams and so it has been about three weeks since I last got out…

“My jersey is from the cycling club Big Bracket, Brussels. It is a club near Bois de Cambre, in Brussels. I have been with them a year and a half now. Mostly cyclo-tourists but some training groups. There are about 60 members right now. At times there are younger people and we roll a little faster.”

Photographer’s notes: It snowed in Brussels yesterday morning. Light, but wet and there were few riders on the streets when I came across this club rider. It was the emblazoned Brussels across his shoulders that set me off in pursuit. But the Belgian jersey in the bright sunlight and the Merckx bike that set it al off. I mean, when in Belgium, a Merckx bike always turns heads.
Brussels Big Bracket Cycling Club .. more information here…

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