In search of more randonneurs

©Barry Sandland/TIMB - novice randonneur in Brussels.

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – In a country obsessed with bike racing, touring sometimes seems forgotten. Personally, I think touring creates the cyclists who stay on their bike for longer in life. It becomes a pastime, not a competition. But my dad was a dedicated touring cyclist – so I might be biased.

“I would like to do a big cycling tour that lasts for a few weeks, a few months.”

Photographer’s notes: I had an immediate like for this cyclist. Riding since young and now with a circle of friends who are all passionate cyclists, he has moved up to a nice bike and is looking to expand his opportunities. Touring has been a part of my family’s cycling for decades. My father was an avid tourist – a randonneur – and so touring cyclists always have a place for me. Touring is not training, not speed and effort and exertion. It is more about enjoying time on the bike. Get that in your blood and you tend to remain on the bike far longer into life.




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