On icy days, ordinary cyclists are hard to find

©Barry Sandland/TIMB - Cold day commuter

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – Cold days and the commuters are the hard core riders.

“You can take my photograph if you do not identify me.”

Photographer’s notes: These are cold days and the recent snowfall, then rain, then freezing temperatures, have made it hard for many cyclists. I liked the all black ensemble of the rider, with the bike, plus she was not dressed like the few hardcore riders I have seen on the streets in this spate of weather. She comes in by train, then uses the Brompton for the short commute from station to work – and then retraces her tracks for the return home. Nothing special – but that is what defines many of the daily cycling commuters. They see it as so ordinary. But there were few ordinary cyclists on the roads in recent days.

And I was grateful for the image. This site is new and unknown, I have barely anything to show for the idea , so anybody who agrees to a photo is very generous. That said, most cyclists I approach say yes. My biggest issue is with me – I need to be more confident and speak to more riders. They are a generous lot.

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