The Bicycle Artisans and their bikes

I was given The Bicycle Artisans for Christmas, this year. It is wonderful.

The sort of book I would have stared at in the shops and wanted to see on my shelves – or, rather, a part of my daily read for months to come and then a reference source on my desk.

These are the international collection of custom frame builders, the people who want, need to create from tubes of steel, aluminium or carbon fibre. Their products so gorgeous – and so removed from what the vast majority of us ride.

The Bicycle Artisans book

First published in 2014 and, hopefully, will remain ion the shelves for some time to come.

It is a book, with only so many pages, so there are personal favourites, frames and builders who are not there. But their spirit is.

And the book reminded me of Mike Mulholland, a Canadian frame builder who created Cyclops bikes. Years of creating gorgeous frames, the work he did with racers, club, provincial and national level, the demand for his frames around the world.

Then, he got sick and died of cancer. The frame he created disappeared with him.

It is a sad reminder that these artisanal frame builders are creating something so unique, they will often only exists as long as they are creating.

So, The Bicycle Artisans is a look at a decent collection of these artists and their products. The pages leave me wanting more, and wanting more bikes.

A tremendous gift and something that I will be keeping.

Published by Thames and Hudson. Author Will Jones.

If interested…


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